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      Found in 1993 at Can Tho with major bussiness is fruit flavours, Hong A _ HAROMA officially set its steps into flavours market. After year, Hong A _ HAROMA has made a big step in bussiness with a new office located in HCMC, together with research and development some more new products related to food additives such as Sodium Polyphotphate (1-A), Sodium Erythorbate ( S.E .), Polypherythorbate (P.P.E.) used for meat, poultry, sausage, condiments and snacks food. Ice-cream powder WT-1, Creamsoft No8, Neosoft No3, Guapolyse G-1, Compolyse C-1, and Fruit polyse F-1 used for Icecream, Dairy, Soft drinks, Fruit juice, Jelly, Bakery, Confectionery products. However, these products are still unfamiliar with consumers due to techniques service of HAROMA.

         With a rapid development of meat, polultry, sauces, condiments and snacks food industry, HAROMA has marked a noted milestone in its bussiness pick up in 1999. A various range of savory products as meat, beef, chicken, curry beef, crab, shrimp, pork, bacon, tuna, cuttle fish …flavours were launched to catch the market trend. Besides, some seasoning as chilli, garlic, ginger, mushroom and specially Sodium polyphosphate 1-A were also developed with a quality accepted and welcomed by consumers and certified by Ministry of Public Heath. The company also has products Ice-cream, Dairy, Pudding, Fruit juice, Soft drink, Konjac jelly to new technique approach enterprises in need, boost its operations to local and foreign companies by giving HAROMA a place in Yellow Page.

       2006 HONG A companies have been honored with two gold medals: 1. Quality products for public health in 2006 - HONG A Flavour, 2. Quality product for public health in 2006 - HONG A Food Additives. Hong A company awarded by the Ministry  of Health. Department of Hygiene Food Safe and Sanitation of public Health.
       It was encouraging team leaders and employees not stop efforts to exchange professional experience to once again continue Hong A company honorably received (Golden Cup Brands For Public Health 1th in 2008 and GOLDEN BRAND FOOD HYGIENE AND SAFETY (GVTHATVSTP) 1th in 2009" with the brand HONG A, with Food Hygiene and Safety Department (CATVSTP) Ministry of Health awarded.

         HONG A HAROMA
nowadays is popular to both consumer and food producers as a supplier of fruit flavour, dairy, ice-cream, bakery, confectionery, savory flavour and food additives, especially Sodium polyphosphate 1-A of the HONG A company has become quality products for public health and sanitation food safety as criteria for the business. Operating with a continuous research and development strategy, HONG A - HAROMA is developing some kind superior flavour with multiple applications to food, medical and cosmetics industries with extract techniques from nature food flavour is also part of HONG A - HAROMA is business. Besides the company is also heading for advance technology transfers to bring its quality for products to a higher level.

         HONG A- HAROMA bring flavours to Life today then future.

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